Accounting agency Milenij

Accounting services


  • Goods and material bookkeeping
  • Financial bookkeeping
  • Preparation of a set of annual financial statements
  • Calculation of salaries and other personal incomes under contracts
  • Monthly personal income tax return – electronic submission of MOP 1002 form
  • Calculation of profit tax and preparation of tax balance
  • Monthly preparation and submission of VAT return, as well as D VAT form
  • Electronic keeping of the book of received invoices (KUF) and the book of issued invoices (KIF)
  • Preparation of calculations of wholesale and retail invoices
  • Keeping a wholesale trade book, retail book, bar book
  • Bookkeeping of fixed assets, recording, inventory and calculation of depreciation
  • Analytical records of customers and suppliers
  • Keeping a cash register
  • Invoicing and preparation of invoices

Reporting and business analysis


  • Analysis of the set of financial statements: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Profit or Loss, Statement of Changes in Equity, Statement of Cash Flows, Annex to the Financial Statements, as well as Remarks or Notes
  • Analysis of financial statements using indicators (liquidity, profitability, etc.)
  • Valuation of assets and capital
  • Quarterly, monthly or weekly reporting according to the clients needs, in line with the required forms

Company registration


  • Establishment of a company
  • Establishment of business units
  • Submission of forms for obtaining notification on the classification of a legal entity according to the classification of activities
  • Submission of forms for obtaining tax registration certificate (JIB)
  • Submission of application for entry in the Unified Register of Indirect Taxpayers (VAT number)
  • Services in the field of labour relations, creation and consulting in creation of the Employment Contract and other Contracts
  • -Submission of applications for a work permit and temporary residence for foreign citizens

Tax and business consulting


  • Consulting regarding all tax and business transactions
  • Communication with the Tax Administration bodies
  • Calculation and payment of direct and indirect taxes (profit tax, income tax, avoidance of double taxation, VAT)
  • Consulting regarding value added tax, as well as communication with the bodies of the Indirect Taxation Authority
  • Management of the control procedures

Administrative services


  • Preparation of various decisions, invoices, travel orders and other documents according to clients needs
  • Registration and deregistration of workers, as well as preparation and submission of required forms to the competent authorities,
  • Preparation and creation of statistical forms and reports
  • Preparation and creation of cash register, receipts, expenditures and cash journal
  • Accounting and computer data processing according to client’s needs
  • Calculation of sick pay, refunds during maternity leave
  • Preparation and creation of various requests for tax certificates and preparation of tender documentation
  • Business correspondence
  • Compilation of documents for compensations or cessions
  • Compilation of IOS- forms for customers or suppliers
  • Payment transactions via electronic banking, or order preparation
  • Payment operations on behalf of the client
  • Electronic submission of documentation